How to stop being average- Simple and Straight

Being average is not a thing that you should be proud of. Most people never accept that they are average, but in reality, most of the people fall into this category.

These steps will help you to come out from the crowd and stop being average.

Train your mind

The first and most important step is to train your mind that you are not here to be average. A person becomes what he thinks he is. If you train your mind that you can achieve what you want, you will see a lot of opportunities to achieve your goal. It is all about mindset, your mind plays a major role in deciding your actions. Do not let your mind control you, it is you that will control your mind. Control your mind and see the magic changes in your actions. You are limitless and you should start believing in it now.

Find the reason

The next step is to find out the reason why you fall into the average category? Who is stopping you in coming out of it?Once you start questioning yourself, you will start finding answers to all your questions. In reality, it is just you who is stopping you in coming out of the average, because you never tried it with all your heart.You will face a lot of problems in this journey, don’t give up instead question yourself how can you solve these problems?

Take the action

Did you ever think what makes most of the people average?It is their action taking capability. Most of the people think that they will start doing something but never did. Some may start but give up very often. That is why they end up being an average person.If you want to stop being average, you have to stop thinking about it and take action now. However, only taking action is not enough you have to be consistent in it. Because only average people give up not you.

Stop wasting time

“Average waste time while successful invest time.”The person who doesn’t value time can never become successful. The topmost habit of being average is wasting time. Coming out of the average require proper time management skills. You have to use every second of your life which will separate you from everyone else.Start small, start working one hour extra each day than what you are doing till now. You will see the difference in your work efficiency and capability. Increase it with time and comfort and leave the rat race.

Start taking responsibility

The most common habit of average people is to blame everyone else for their problems rather than themselves.They are perfect in their vision and they are facing problems because of everyone else. When they find no one to blame they simply start blaming their luck.Don’t ever acquire this habit if you want to stop being average. Start taking responsibility for every problem in your life. Keep a positive attitude and solve the problem, you have to believe no one will come to solve it for you. Everyone is busy with their own problems.“Problems are only the commas, not the full stop”.

Establish your unique identity

It is true that everyone is unique in this world. But not everyone can establish that. People try to follow successful people and lost their own identity.Remember you can never become successful by copying others. Yes, you can follow others and learn and inspire from them but don’t copy.Stick to your identity, keep working on improving yourself. Be the leader, not the follower. People will only remember you by your work, so produce work with such high quality that no one can resist.

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