Steps to find and follow your passion

To follow passion one must recognize it first. Most of the people are not able to find out their passion for their whole life. Other confuse their daily work with their passion or simply think that they don’t have any passion at all. But the fact is everyone has a passion in their life, you just have to recognize it before it gets too late.

Finding and following your passion is not easy at all, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. While the path may not be the easiest or comfortable, you have to it because it is the only thing you are good at, it makes you happy and satisfied. There is no greater feeling than satisfaction isn’t it?

Questions to ask yourself to find your true passion and follow it :-

What is that one thing which you can do forever without getting tired?

This is the most basic and important question to ask yourself if you are struggling to find your passion.

Think it with a bigger picture in your mind because forever means forever, your complete life. There is no option that you will get bored with it ever. You can do it in any phase of your life, in any situation in your life despite any difficulties. Are you ready to do it forever your life?

Can you do it without getting paid for it?

Let’s accept the fact that money is the most powerful thing and people work hard for it. But in order to find your passion, you have to manipulate your mind for a while and ask yourself this question. If you are ready to work for it without expecting money or fame than there are high chances that it is your passion.

If all your problems get solved, will you do it?

When you started thinking about your passion and following that passion, there are a lot of problems that come to your mind. It is natural for everybody because following the passion is not for faint-hearted people.

But my question is what if know that all your problems will get solved? Will you do it?

What are your interests?

If you are facing difficulties finding your passion, go back in time. Think of the time when you were a little child.

What are your interests at that time?

What did you enjoy doing? 

What is stopping you?

List down all the things that come to your mind as your passion while you start reading the article.

Done. Now list down all the problems that you think you will face in following that.

Now, the difficult part comes. Think of how you can solve those problems.

Yeah!! You are ready with your ultimate guide to knowing your true passion.

Hit and try

Still confused?

The best method is to hit and try. Try all the passions that you listed down, narrow down the list as much as possible.

Now start trying one by one. Start with one who has the highest probability to qualify as your passion.

Don’t go much deeper, just try. Doing something is better than doing nothing at least.

Why do you think you will get fail?

Many people told me that they know their passion but they cannot follow it. They are afraid that they get fail in it.

My question is why do you think like that?

Have your feeling never been wrong before?

Stop thinking, Start doing. It is the only way to know what is best for you.

What will happen if you don’t try to find it?

If your answer is nothing to this question, you will spend the rest of your life like everyone else. Don’t know what they are good at and doing what everyone else is doing. Trying to fit into society.

If you want to do something different what everyone else is doing, you have to find your passion.

Because anyhow you can do what everyone else is doing later.

What will you do after you get to know?

The last question to ask yourself is this. Once you know what your passion is, what are the next steps?

What can you do to follow that passion?

How far can you go to achieve that?

To come out of the crowd, you have to find and follow your passion. Live a passionate life.


If you have followed this article properly then you must have identified your passion and is ready to work on it.

If you are not ready now, you can bookmark this article and check it later whenever you are ready.

If are too lazy to do it, because you are waiting for some miracle to happen, then stop waiting no one is going to come to help you. Be your own boss.

If you think I have missed any point, please mention in comments. I will include it definitely.

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