6 Proven ways to kill your Laziness today

If you can relate to it, you are in trouble.

These types of memes get viral over the internet daily because most people can relate to it. We laugh because we knew we are lazy and we can’t help it.

Interestingly, we have this guilt of being lazy. We know we need to change this but what we don’t know is where to start from.

Everyone knows what’s best for them but everyone is not the best. Coming out of laziness require burning desire and constant motivation.

Here we are suggesting you proven ways that can help you to come out of laziness.

Find out your motive

Killing laziness requires a strong motive to support it. Everything we do, we do it with a motive. It depends on person to person what is their motive in life.

Most common motives we all have are the desire of getting rich and successful or if you want to come out of the average. Laziness will do anything to you but will make you an average person. A person with an ordinary job, ordinary income, ordinary saving, ordinary dreams, and ordinary life.

If you are really willing to stop being ordinary you just need to stop doing what everyone is doing. That is wasting their precious time in laziness.

So the primary task for you to kill your laziness is to find the best motive for you. We all have one motive within us, which we want to achieve. Do some self-introspection and find it.

Train your Mind

Once you find out your motive, it is really important to train your mind so that you can laziness will not hijack your motives.

It is hard to find your true motive that can kill your laziness but it is harder to train your mind so that it can prioritize things for you.

The best technique that can help you to train your mind is to ask a simple question to yourself “why”. Yes, it is this simple. It is a proven technique that can help you to find the answers hidden within you.

Let’s take it like this:

Question:- Why are you not working for your goals?

Answer:- Because my goals seem impossible to achieve from where I am right now.

Question:- Why it seems impossible to you?

Answer:- Because I don’t know where to start from?

Question:- Why you don’t know where to start?

Answer:- Because I am not trying to know it.

Here is your answer in just 3 Why’s. You need to work and find out where to start from, to achieve your goal. When you work towards your goal it will vanish your laziness.

Keep asking questions to yourself unless you find your answer to kill that laziness in you.

Break down your Tasks

The biggest reason of laziness is the unrealistic goal. We inspire from the people who are best in their field whether it can be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and decide we want to be like them one day.

We settle a goal for ourselves that is too big to achieve and may take forever. This forever makes us lazy. I felt this myself many times in my life. When we don’t know where to start from, we simply start avoiding things.

But avoiding things is never going to help you. Break down your big goal into smaller subtasks that are relatively easier to achieve. Now start working on these subtasks one by one and reach your final goal slowly.

This will make your big goal easier to achieve as well as keep you motivated throughout the journey. When you achieve a subtask, you automatically realize how close you are to your goal that seems unrealistic one time.

Manage your Social Media Activities

If I tell you to stay away from social media, it is now possible practically in today’s world. Today where everything is online you cannot stay away from social media for a long time.

You have to realize that social media is only helping you to become lazy. You can check your social media feed every 5 mins or once a day, it depends on you. Manage the time you spend on social media sites or they are going to kill all your productive time on a daily basis.

Most of the platform is now coming with time spent tool that can help you to limit the time you spent on that platform. Make the most of these tools and manage your time effectively. Additionally what you can do is to use your social media to update your knowledge and improve

Work with Deadlines

Do Friendship with the deadlines. If you are a person who always misses the deadline, you really need to work on your time management skills, it is not that tough believe me.

Do you complete your tasks before the deadline? Great!!. But it is not sufficient for you, it can still make you lazy. Sometimes the given deadline is far too comfortable for you, in that case, you become lazy but you are happy that you met the deadline. Meeting deadline should not be your only goal.

To completely come out of your laziness start measuring your productivity on a daily basis. “What productive I did today”. Ask this question at the end of the day to yourself on a daily basis. You will see the change in your productivity.

Meet deadlines or even better complete each task before deadline and kill your laziness today.

Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is one’s biggest enemy. You procrastinate your tasks in two conditions.

One when you are too comfortable with it and you know you will complete it by the deadline. Second when you feel you cannot do something and you simply start avoiding it for the time being.

In both cases, it is extremely harmful to you. Procrastination only increases laziness in you. To avoid it simply follow the previous step that is live by deadlines. Complete your today’s tasks on today only you never what emergency will come tomorrow.

While we all want to kill our laziness but it is not that easy. It requires dedication and commitment. Follow the mentioned steps on a daily basis and at every point of your life. No cheat days are allowed. Remember every giant company is a dream once. Dreams do come true just be true to yourself, believe in you that you can and you will.

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