Reasons your job cannot make you rich

You are working hard for that appraisal that you will get once a year. Sometimes you are so confused that you are working hard as much as you can and still cannot make much money. You have colleagues in your office that work less than you but got more appreciation and appraisal. The more hard you work and the more money you earn the more is the tax deduction by the government and you will get very little in hand.

Do you ever think about starting a business or getting some part-time job to earn some extra money but never did it? Maybe because you don’t have enough time for it or you are too busy working hard for your job in hope to get a promotion. Let me tell you the harder you work the more will your organization earn and you will get your fixed salary and that too after a lot of deductions.

A lot of startups is founded by people who quit their job and decided to build their own company. If you have enough money and skill with you, you are good to go. I will not suggest everyone build their own company, as it a very difficult task and not everyone can do it. I m just suggesting you don’t depend on your job too much if you want to gain wealth. Start doing some extra hustle that will extra money for you.

Start investing in Real Estate or shares and bonds or rent your extra room in your house, anything that will put money to your pocket. The best thing about this is the harder you work, the more you earn, there is no fixed salary in this and deductions on your income. But if this is this simple then who is stopping you? Why are you not rich yet?

Risk is too big

You think about it but the problem is that you just keep thinking but never did it. It is too risky, what if I lost all my money in it or this is not for me or I will do it once I have a lot of money. This type of thought comes to your mind whenever you think about investing in something. Believe me, this is very common and we all are afraid to take the risk.

But think like this, if this easy everyone is wealthy but it’s not the case. You should start taking the risk, stop being afraid and just do it. Soon you will find out it’s not that risky at all and already too many people are doing it.

Hard work does not always pay off

Most people think that working hard is the key to success. The harder you work the more success will you get? But this is not the case in a job. The harder you work the more your organization will earn and not you. This is the biggest reason you should start working for yourself now. Keep your daytime job but start a side hustle that will pay you and that too without deduction. In starting it is difficult because you have to focus on your job too but believe me it will be worth it and once you start earning enough money, you can leave your daytime job and become your own boss.

People will laugh at you

This is one of the most common misunderstandings among people. If you start a side business people will laugh at you and hence many never try it. If you are working long sometimes you have to miss a Friday party or gossiping long with friends, in that case, some people may laugh at you and that is very demotivating. But you have to understand that people are laughing at you because they did not believe in your goal, but you believed in you. Keep working hard and achieve your dream, Those same people will now appreciate you and want to talk to you. Just believe in yourself and your goal.

Too much time

Too many people never tried it or give up too early because it takes too much time and patience to build your side business. But think like this, you also start your job from the training level and master it by time. Learning everything takes time but once you learned it, once you get your reputation among your clients, it is just a piece of cake for you and earning is limitless because now you are your own boss. If you really think that it will take too much time to grow your business, start early so that you can take advantage of it when it starts making a profit. Be patient, dream big, achieve big.

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