5 Solid Reasons Why 90’s kids are better than everyone else

People born in the 90’s are really special when it comes to living and enjoying life. I am not kidding since they have experienced a lot many things that might 20’s kids even don’t know about. The 90’s is a very different time where kids used to play outside instead of just sitting at home and playing on tablets and PCs, style and brands were not famous as of now, watching cartoons was more fun than watching movies and video games were better than PlayStation.

The world is completely different now, 90’s kids are still struggling to adjust into this world full of technology and advancement but they are adapting to it at a very fast pace. 90’s kids are special, they have seen this world-changing from offline to online and now they are enjoying both the things.

Here is why 90’s kids are better than others.

1. Some things are better offline

Who knows the offline world better than 90’s kids. Internet boom came after 2002 when the Internet started emerging and everything starts shifting online. Before this time 90’s kids were enjoying their offline world, which they didn’t know was going to change completely in upcoming years.

I remember playing outside every evening after school until my mom came and shout at me to come home. My clothes used to be very dirty and sometimes I got hurt playing those games, but this was the real fun when I remember it now. At least it was healthy and more fun to play outside then just sit at home and play games online.

2. Love for Video Games!!  

AHH!! I bet ask any of the 90’s kids about their love for video games. We loved video games more than anything. I remember I used to play video games with my sister and that will go for hours, sometimes we even skip a meal to play it. Saving Mario’s girlfriend was our biggest achievement those days. The best part is now we also play the latest games like PUBG, COC, NFS or it can be Counter-Strike but nothing can compete with those games.

3. Wait for Summer Vacation!!

Summer Vacation time used to be heaven for us. We wait a whole year for that vacation so that we can go to our Maternal Grandmother’s home and have fun. Also we get to eat a lot of delicious food there.

Summer Vacation used to be slightly longer that time and it was the time when even your parents stop forcing you to keep studying. I addition to it we also get fun activities to do as our holiday homework from school, which was really fun to do.

Now the vacations are a bit shorter than before, but the fact is vacation remains the name only, in reality, there are no vacations but the students go for extra classes or hobby classes and many more. They are missing the fun of playing around with all the cousins and what its called to be a family.

4. Watching Cartoons

You might not know that but CN is Cartoon Network before with some really amazing and crazy shows that we used to watch the whole day and not get tired even a bit. Some of the shows still telecast but old episodes only and many of them have stopped telecasting way earlier. I believe that the quality of cartoon shows has been decreased very much from the past few years and now they are replaced by animation movies. By the way, these animated movies are really awesome and you are lucky because we don’t have that at our time. 😉

5. No Competition in Styling

In the 90’s there are very limited styles and brands available and also our parents won’t allow us to so spike hairs or wear stylish clothes. Simplicity is the tradition in the 90’s which is simple and keep the competition low among us.

20’s kids are way more stylish than us since style is the new tradition. Everyone wants their child to look best and different than everyone else. Even now today’s kids are way more stylish than us. Well having less competition is a good thing right??

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