8 signs that you are Thanos from Avengers

This might sound little awkward but being Thanos is not that bad after all.If you think logically Thanos did nothing wrong because he believe that a world with too many people but limited resources is the one serious problem.Here are the positive signs of Thanos that you might have.

Life lessons to take from Avengers

You always looks at the bigger picture while most of the other people around you couldn’t see it, with the bigger picture we mean you can predict the future situations based on the current situation like Thanos believes that humans are going to kill each other in the future as only limited resources will remain by that time over a huge population to handle. Looking at the bigger picture will help you in various stages of life because then you can tackle every small problem in life easily and you can become the master of your own life.

No matter how many people are against you but you always take your stand because you know you are right all the time. People might call you crazy several times or might laugh at you because of your dreams and goals but you have enormous self believe that what you are doing is right and you are gonna achieve it one day no matter what others believe.

You never give up on your goal no matter how difficult it is to achieve, you always works towards it “Whatever it takes”. You might have heard this dialogue several times in movie which is originally said by Captain America. If this dialogue suites your current situation, it shows your will and your belief in your goal that no one can stop you in achieving it, no matter what.

You love your family and friends the most, no matter if they love you back or not because your love is unconditional. In the movie Thanos loves Gamora(his daughter) the most but Gamora really hates his father Thanos. As u seen in movie Thanos always shows mercy to her daughter whenever she tries to kill him or betray him because after all she is his daughter and family matters the most.

You wait for the right time patiently to take a right move and don’t rush things around because you knew when your time will come you will remove all your competition as then you will be become the most capable person in your skill by that time. You will work hard and prepare yourself for that one big break which is gonna change the rest of your life.

You are ready to sacrifice everything to achieve your goal and no hurdle can stop you in achieving that goal. A saying is “Without sacrifice there can be no success”.Even Thanos sacrifice Gamora on planet Vormir, whom he loves the most in this world, to achieve the soul stone. You are ready to sacrifice almost everything if it needs to, to achieve your that one goal because success only comes to those who struggle.

You does not hold any grudge against anyone even might when other people hates you or does not like you.Again this quality comes from very first point that we discussed, when you start looking at the bigger picture.In the end you knew that people who doesn’t like you are the only people who are only looking at the smaller picture and you can’t expect from them to look from your point of view, and understand what you understand.Therefore you are lenient to people who does not understand you.

You are a grounded person and does not fly on seventh sky after achieving success or show off your success to everyone because people only saw the success you achieved but not the struggle from which you have gone through to achieve that success remember after achieving his ultimate goal of reducing the population to half, Thanos was living a simple life far away from everyone because his ultimate goal has already been achieved.

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